Re-Imagine an Industry

Our Teams of engineers and designers are building something great, one Industry at a time. Read our latest news to find out what project we are currently working on.

Re-Define a Need

Do you need something for your Business? We carefully select our partners and we want the Product to speak on behalf of us. Lets talk!

Build Up!

Our Team is consisted by exceptional Engineers and Marketeers who aim to bring the best result to the Market. See some of our work.

Our Interests

At MrBrainiac we have focused to re-identify the most important Industries;  Agriculture, Financing and Journalism and we intend to expand to more Industries in the next years with great solutions.


We have redefined world journalism. More entertaining than ever. WORLD360 is the best companion to read the news.


We are thrilled to present the latest version of InsuranceInn. A truly built-for-the-client app that aims to boost company Sales.


We are building Earth V.2, and the results mind blowing. Using Satellite and In-Situ sensors we detect anomalies and prevent sick crops. Food Security at it’s best.

Our Target

MrBrainiac is an equal opportunity company and will always be. Do you want to join us upon reaching our target?

Our goal is to remodel the world we live in. Starting with Agriculture, Finance and Journalism we want to make better experiences throughout the entire use of a Product. Experiences that value and respect users’ time. To do so, we have formed teams that consist of incredible engineers and designers who Truly care about the final product. We believe in the power of digital and want to make sure that our end customers enjoy using technology as much as we do.